May 24th, 2015

…that should be on a t-shirt!

To sum it up, the RT Bootcamp conducted by Linnea Sinclair, Damon Suede and Stacey Kade, was unbelievably awesome! If you get a chance to attend Romantic Times (RT) Booklover’s Convention EVER and want a crash course in all things writerly, you HAVE to check this out!

This was my second year taking the course. When I took it last year, there were a few concepts that, being very new to finishing a manuscript (i.e. STORY), didn’t quite gel with me. This year, after working quite hard to get my first novels out into the world, things definitely seemed to come together a lot easier.

The term ‘bootcamp’ means exactly that: you will be given several different topics that equate to the goals all writers should aspire to in order to give their readers the most enjoyable experience imaginable. This wealth of knowledge, from real-world experienced authors, is given with the utmost care to ensure you actually understand the presentations, giving you the chance to ask questions, no matter how complicated or general those may be, with no fear of ridicule. Believe me, I’ve asked some very¬†elementary questions in these sessions!

But even if you don’t actually ‘get it’ at the time of the class, once you start working on your story again with these principles in your thought processes, it seems to suddenly become much more clear. The key here is just absorb all the information you can, at the time, and know that you can rely on the great handouts provided on our virtual classroom site when needed. Save yourself some time, just keep that site open on your writing workstation (IPAD, PC, whatever it may be – or close by if you write long-hand) so you can jump in there quickly when you need a little ‘real world clarification’. Go ahead, no one’s looking…

Next year, I may even take this class again. They seem to make adjustments each year, which I didn’t realize until this year, doing what they can to make things more clear and adjusting to the new information that the wonderful authors (a.k.a. Teachers)¬†may have discovered. This, alone, is worth the small amount of money the bootcamp actually costs, when you realize the time and money you’re saving by not actually attending an MFA level class that would take months or even years! The fact that we get this level of instruction in a couple of days may help you understand the need to call it “bootcamp” – some of the best hours of your life, if you’re up to the challenge.

– Jamie

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