August 1st, 2014

Yep, I am actually going to get to attend the 2014 New York City Writer’s Digest Annual Conference – and I’m very excited!

I have been a reader of this wonderful magazine for more than fifteen years. The constant inspiration and advice this magazine has given to me over the years is something I can never truly explain. And every time I would see the advertisements for this wonderful event, I would always have that little thought wistfully zoom through my consciousness, “One day, I’ll get to attend that…one day…”.

Well, that time has finally come. The cost is considerable, relatively speaking, but I have a mission to lay a strong foundation this year as I venture into the writing life, to learn all that I can about this ever-changing career. This is one huge step in that direction for me – striking a major ‘bucket list’ item off my list after this weekend!

I just hope this¬†conference is¬†everything I’ve hoped for, and more. As of right this moment, before the actual long-awaited event occurs, all things seem possible and this will make a huge difference in my life…and I’m ready…so ready. I can’t wait to see what amazing wisdoms and insights into this writing life I’ll walk away from the conference with, and maybe some new friends, as well.

Stay tuned for more details as this the weekend progresses…


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