July 25th, 2014

I just have to say that i love libraries… Now that I’m trying to accomplish what was once a lofty dream for a kid from Tennessee, the actual mechanics of getting these ideas to behave while i get them on paper is a bit more of a struggle than i first imagined.

Yeah, i had heard of authors talking about the distractions of daily lives and how they had to struggle with ignoring the chaos around them to become the creative masters of the worlds (and works) busting out of their wonderful imaginations! I applaud their efforts, thankful they did discuss their tribulations, since their actions inspired me to go for it myself, no matter how terrified i was to let the monster out of the cage (sing it, Rihanna and Eminem)!

The public library has become my sanctuary, a place to escape when i need to not see all the four-thousand things around me that need my attention. The library gives me an opportunity to truly escape into that blank ‘quiet area’ around me and actually get myself together in my own ‘quiet area’ located, helpfully enough, between my ears.

The summers are kind of a special challenge when looking for a quiet place, with school breaks in process and children running slightly amok all over the place. But, in some strange way, i find it oddly comforting, watching children interact without anything battery operated or a mindless screen telling them ‘things’ rather than letting them discover it for themselves. Watching children actually exercise their minds makes me feel like there is hope for the future dreamers out there, all because a room full of books is there for the taking.

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